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    Learn Chinese the Easy Way.

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    A fun way to learn Chinese Mandarin

    Chinese Mandarin Made Easy

    Sing and perform famous Chinese songs, a fun and easy way to learn.

    Singing songs are a great way to learn Chinese. From simple children's ditties to more complex harmonies, Tianmei explores Chinese song and dance.

    Chinese Mandarin Made Easy

    Hear about Chinese legends, fables and fairy tales.

    Listen traditional and new Chinese stories. You will learn useful phrases, characters, and engaging tales.

    Chinese Mandarin Made Easy

    Learn about Chinese culture, traditions and customs.

    From Dragon Boat Races to Traditional Garb, Tianmei tells you all there is to know about both modern culture and traditional Chinese customs.

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    From the Beginning, For Everyone

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    Learn one-on-one

    Interested in one-on-one tutelage? From $20/hour, we provide online Mandarin Chinese lessons anywhere in the world.

    Video Lessons

    Want new video lessons?

    Short videos that you can watch on your phone or listen to with your children. Tianmei explores culture, songs, and stories. Easy and fun!

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    No obligations, we will email you to schedule a one hour Mandarin Chinese lesson with Tianmei. As a bonus, we will give you a feed of Chinese Mandarin learning videos for English speakers, including culture, songs, and stories. We look forward to meeting you and getting you started on your Chinese language learning journey.
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